Chapel of the Holy Trinity in Lublin Castle, Poland

Poland Lublin Chapel

The Chapel of the Holy Trinity is a Roman Catholic chapel, located in the courtyard of the Royal Castle, in Lublin, Poland.

The chapel was built between 1326 and 1418, in the style of the Gothic and Lublin Renaissance; the fresco work was conducted in the 1410s by an anonymous team of Ruthenian painters under the supervision of Master Andrey.

In 1954, after the castle had been given to the Lublin Museum, renovation of the chapel’s architecture was carried out. Further restoration works, mainly concerning the polychromes, were completed in 1997.

Opening hours:
June – August: 10am to 6pm
September – May: 9am to 5pm

Prices are per person, local currency:
regular ticket 6.5zł
concession ticket 4.5zł
regular ticket 6.5zł
concession ticket 4.5zł

Zamkowa 9, 20-117 Lublin, Polonia

Location map:

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