Catacombs of Paris, France

France Paris Catacombs

The Catacombs of Paris are underground ossuaries in Paris, France.

It was established in 1810.

The Catacombs is a network of old caves, quarries and tunnels stretching hundreds of miles, and seemingly lined with of 12 million people the bones of the dead.

Many famous people are buried in the Catacombs: Salomon de Brosse (architect; 1571–1626), Simon Vouet (painter; I590–1649), Jean de La Fontaine (writer; 1621–1698), Charles Perrault (writer; 1628–1703), François Girardon (sculptor; 1628–1715).

Since 2013, the Catacombs number among the 14 City of Paris Museums managed by Paris Musées.

Opening hours:
Tuesday till Sunday: 10am to 8:30pm
Last admission: 7:30pm

Catacombs will be open 14 July, 1st  november and 11th november.

Closed every Mondays and certain holidays: in May 1st and 15 August.

Prices are per person, local currency:
Catacombs and exhibition:
full prace – 13€
concessions – 11€

Coupled ticket Catacombs of Paris - Archaeological Crypt:
full prace – 17€
concessions – 14€

1, avenue du Colonel Henri Rol-Tanguy - 75014 Paris

Location map:

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