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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Gothic Quarter in Barcelona, Spain
by Valdas Travel Video - 9

Spain Barcelona Quarter

The Gothic Quarter in Barcelona, Spain, located between the Rambla in the west and Via Leietana in the east, is well known as the city’s historic centre.

The first traces of settlement in the area of the Quarter date back about 133 B.C.  Despite its name, a number of landmark Gothic buildings in the neighborhood do not date to the Middle Ages. The district was renovated from the ground up several times, most recently for the Olympic Games in 1992.

Still, in no other district are as many monumental buildings and interesting museums as close to each other as in the Gothic Quarter.

Location map:

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  1. Wow, I didn't know the city was that old! It looks so gorgeous!

  2. That sound like such a gorgeous place to see! I love architecture like that and I bet you could get amazing photography there.

  3. Looks like an interesting place to visit

  4. Wow!!! Such an amazingly beautiful city with such fabulous history! I would absolutely love to be able to visit here someday!! Daisy

  5. It is such an amazing post and video! I really like to understand all the architecture from cities around the world! Thanks by the way!

  6. Nice video. I didn't knew about Gothic Quarter. Will like to see the architecture there whenever I visit Barcelona.

  7. It looks like such a beautiful and interesting area of Barcelona. Its nice to learn about the history and background of it all.

  8. Looks beautiful. I always love learning the history of different places

  9. Ahh Barcelona looks so beautiful! I most definitely want to go one day :)