Basilica of St. Stanislaus in Lublin, Poland

Poland Lublin Basilica

The Church St. Stanislaus is a Roman Catholic church, located in Lublin, Poland.

The church was built in 1342, in the style of the Gothic.

Gothic Quarter in Barcelona, Spain

Spain Barcelona Quarter

The Gothic Quarter in Barcelona, Spain, located between the Rambla in the west and Via Leietana in the east, is well known as the city’s historic centre.

The first traces of settlement in the area of the Quarter date back about 133 B.C.

Kerepesi Cemetery in Budapest, Hungary

Hungary Budapest Old cemetery

The Kerepesi Cemetery is the most famous cemetery in Budapest and one of the oldest cemeteries in Hungary.

The cemetery was open in 1847 as a burial ground for all religious backgrounds. The cemetery covers an area of about 56 hectares (140 acres).

Monk Parakeets

Spain Monk Parakeet

The monk parakeet, also known as the Quaker parrot, is a small parrot in the order Psittaciformes found in Argentina and the surrounding countries in South America. Self-sustaining feral populations occur in many places, mainly in North America and Europe.