Metro in Madrid, Spain

Spain, Madrid, Metro

The Metro in Madrid is the metro network for the city of Madrid in Spain. The metro system is operated by the Metro de Madrid.

The Madrid metro started in 1919.

The metro network is operated by 2,318 trains and 301 stations on 13 metro lines, with a total line length of approximately 294 km (183 mi).

The Metro in Madrid carries over 2 million passengers a day.

Other tickets can be found on the official website.

Prices are per person, local currency
Single ticket: 1 journey: Metro Zone A
Metro Zone A and Metro Ligero (ML 1)

Full price:
Up to 5 stations 1.50€
6 stations 1,60€
7 stations 1.70€
8 stations 1,80€
9 stations 1,90€
10 stations or more 2,00€
Single ticket: 1 journey: MetroNorte
Line 10 section: La Granja – Hospital Infanta Sofía – 1,50€
Single ticket: 1 journey: MetroEste
Line 7 section: Barrio del Puerto – Hospital del Henares – 1,50€
Single ticket: 1 journey: MetroSur
Line 12 and Joaquín Vilumbrales on Line 10 – 1,50€
Single ticket: 1 journey: T.F.M.
Line 9 section: Puerta de Arganda - Arganda del Rey – 2,00€
Combo ticket: 1 journey:
Every station on the Metro network and Metro Ligero: ML1, ML2 and ML3 – 3,00€
Airport extra charge: 1 journey:
When touch in and out at Airport T1-T2-T3 and Airport T4 Stations – 3,00€

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